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Aussie Slang

Whilst Australia prides itself in its multiculturism, with over 80 languages spoken, the predominant language spoken in Australia is basic English.

There is, as with other countries, a distinct and sometimes colourful local variation.

Following is a directory of most commonly used Australian Slang.

A    O  
Agro angry or aggressive   Oldies  parents
Ankle biter small child   Onya short for 'good on you'
Arvo afternoon      
B     Pictures movies
Barbie barbeque, cook out   Piker someone who does not join in or gives up
Beaut, Beauty Great, Fantastic   Postie postman
Bingle a car accident   Pressie  gift
Bloke  Man      
Brekkie Breakfast   R  
Buzz off leave   Rack off  go away
BYO Bring your own (usually wine/beer to a restaurant)   Rego vehicle registration
      Rip off  to cheat
C     Ripper  great, fantastic
Cactus  doesn't work anymore   Roo  kangaroo
Cark it to die   Ropable   extremely angry
Chook Chicken      
Dead ringer an exact copy, likeness or replica    
Deli delicatessen, a small shop selling assorted foods   S  
Dunny  toilet, originally an outside toilet   Sanga sandwich
      Servo a service station, petrol station
E     Sheila  girl, woman
Esky  a portable insulated box for keeping food/drinks cold   Shonky low or suspect quality
      Shout buy a round of drinks
F     Sickie a day off work when not really sick
Fair dinkum genuine, real   Spot on perfect or exact
Fridge refrigerator      
G     Ta thank you
Garbo the garbage man   Telly  television
G'day  Hello, short for 'good day'   Thongs rubber sandals
      Tinnie  a can of beer
H     Tucker  food
Hard yakka hard work   Twit an idiot, a fool
I     U  
In a tic in a moment, very shortly   Uni university
K     Y  
Kip  a short sleep   Yarn a story
Lippie lipstick      
Loo toilet      
Macca's  McDonalds      
Mozzie mosquito      
Nick off  go away      
No worries everything will be ok, no problems

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