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Getting Around

To find information on how to get around in your local area or city please click on the relevant link above.

The distance between major cities is based on the most direct route.

Destination Distance (by road)
Adelaide/Alice Springs 1534 km
Adelaide/Brisbane 2062 km
Adelaide/Canberra 1204 km
Adelaide/Darwin 3024 km
Adelaide/Hobart N/A
Adelaide/Melbourne 725 km
Adelaide/Perth 2707 km
Adelaide/Sydne 1424 km
Brisbane/Canberra 1268 km
Brisbane/Darwin 3399 km
Brisbane/Hobart N/A
Brisbane/Melbourne 1686 km
Brisbane/Perth 4363 km
Brisbane/Sydney 982 km
Canberra/Darwin 3917 km
Canberra/Hobart N/A
Canberra/Melbourne 653 km
Canberra/Perth 3911 km
Canberra/Sydney 286 km
Darwin/Hobart N/A
Darwin/Melbourne 3749 km
Darwin/Perth 4163 km
Darwin/Sydney 3994 km
Hobart/Melbourne N/A
Hobart/Melbourne N/A
Hobart/Perth N/A
Hobart/Sydney N/A
Melbourne/Perth 3432 km
Melbourne/Sydney 873 km
Perth/Sydney 3984 km

Transport Options

Bus / Coach
For coach travel details visit the McCafferty's Coaches or Greyhound website.

Train / Railroad
For rail travel details:

From Sydney CountryLink / CityRail
Sydney/Adelaide/Alice Springs The Ghan
Melbourne/Adelaide/Alice Springs The Ghan
Sydney/Adelaide/Perth Indian Pacific
Melbourne/Adelaide The Overland
Melbourne Metlink

Airlines / Flights
The flight times are a guide and should be checked with the airline. For more detailed information visit the Qantas, Virgin Airlines or Jetstar website.

Time Zones

There are three time zones within the Australian continent.

The eastern states - Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria - are 30 minutes ahead of South Australia and the Northern Territory (Broken Hill, in the far west of New South Wales is included in this zone) and two hours ahead of Western Australia.

Daylight Savings

Australia is just to the west of the International Date Line. From the end of October to end of March daylight saving applies (clocks are advanced by one hour).

New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania follow Eastern Summer Time, Queensland has not adopted this practice. South Australia follows Summer Time, as does the Northern Territory.

This period usually falls between November and February but can extend for up to two weeks on either side. Tasmania has extended daylight saving to six months from early October to late March.

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