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International direct Dial (IDD) calls can be made from most public phones.

The Country Code for Australia is 61.
The outgoing International Code is 0011.

To make an international call:

Dial the International Access Code (0011),
then the Country Code (61),
then the Area Code, and
then the Telephone Number.

The minimum cost of a local phone call from a public telephone is 40c. Most public telephones in Australia now use pre-paid phone cards that can be purchased from newsagents, kiosks and tourist information centres. Phone cards are available in AUD$5, $10 and $20 and can be used for local, STD or international calls.

Useful Numbers

Directory Assistance (Australia) 1223
Directory Assistance (International) 1225
Reverse Charge Call 12550

White Pages Phone Directory - residential, government, business & information

Yellow Pages Phone Directory – comprehensive business directory

Postal Information

The cost to send a standard letter within Australia is 55 cents.
There are Post Offices in all main towns and cities in every State.

Opening hours are:
9am - 5pm on Monday - Friday
and most are also open
9am - 12 midday on Saturday

Stamps are also available at most newsagents and hotel/motel receptions.

Australia Post domestic and international postage charges:

Major Service Providers

AGL - - Gas and electricity.

Energy Australia - - Gas and electricity.

Telstra - - Telephone, Mobile, Internet and Pay TV.

Optus - - Telephone, Mobile, Internet and Pay TV

Australia Post - - Postage Services

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