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Working in Australia

The Australian Immigration Department allows students visiting the country to work up to 20hrs per week during term time and full time during the holidays making it much more affordable for students to attend school and still help to fund their education.

Student visas are granted with a 'No Work' condition but you can apply for permission to work after you have started your course in Australia. If you are granted permission to work, a new visa label will be put in your passport.

Provided students meet the visa requirements, they can work with SSD whilst studying.

Go to for detailed information on student visa's and how to apply for permission to work while you study in Australia.

Career opportunities include working as a coordinator and facilitator for the arrival of students or selling our products on a commission basis. This will not only add to your time in Australia by providing valuable work experience but also enable you to earn an income while studying.

For more detailed information on having a click here for a career with SSD.

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